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Celebrating Imbolc

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Imbolc takes place on 1-2 February, about halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox and has been celebrated by pagans for centuries as the awakening of the earth into a fertile, fecund place from which will spring new life...and with it, new hope. Traditionally, the goddess Brigid was revered at this time of year, and this extremely popular tradition was adopted by the Christian faith in the worship of St Brigid. Brigid is the goddess of the hearth, of healing, fertility and poetry, and as the Triple Goddess, she is in her Maiden aspect at Imbolc. The word Imbolc stems from the old Irish meaning 'in the belly', referring to the fertility and new growth which happens in the spring.

At this time of year, the old is departing and the new is literally breaking through the ground, the delicate green spikes of new growth evident everywhere. Now is the time to set intentions and make your wishes for the year to come.

Adorn your altar with the colours of spring - white, green, yellow and purple. Use fresh greenery, some catkins, a snowdrop, and candles in green and white. Herbs to employ in your spell work would be ginger, cinnamon, coltsfoot, basil and blackberry leaves. This is a time to germinate seeds for the coming warmer months of growth, both literally and figuratively. So, plant some flower, herb or vegetable seeds to keep indoors whilst you nurture their growth into little green seedlings...and at the same time, plant your seeds of intention for the future, nurturing them to fulfill your wishes.

Although the weather may not be gentle, this is a beautiful, magical time of year - look and you will see the beginnings of abundance everywhere...the earth is warming gradually, the skies clearing, the days drawing out. Spells and rituals involving abundance, love and fertility work well at this time, soaking up the natural energy of the earth as it transitions into spring.

Spring clean your home, chase out the stagnant energy and make your hearth and yourself ready to accept the growing positivity and abundance all around.

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