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Feed your soul at Solstice

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Summer Solstice, or Litha, is the point at which the sun has reached the climax of its powerful energy during the year. From then on, the days get shorter and the nights begin to lengthen. Following this Solstice, the strong and courageous Oak King, representing the fertility and abundance of the Earth, will be drawn into battle once more with the Holly King, as the Wheel of the Year shifts slowly between the seasons. The Oak King cannot escape destiny, but he can stand bravely, giving in gently and slowly to the descent into winter, knowing that at Winter Solstice he will be reborn to reign once more.

Summer Solstice is a time for celebrating the abundance, being grateful, dancing, laughing, singing, immersing in the sunlight, and calling in the pure magic that is everywhere.

Charge your tools, your crystals and yourself in the glorious energy that is rising to its peak .

Meditate and set your intentions for the months to come. Ground yourself, use the power to balance, connect, and feed your soul.

The change of the seasons is inevitable, as the Wheel of the Year continues its everlasting rotation. All aspects of the year are necessary, and the death of one season sees the rebirth of another, always bringing hope as we make our journey once again through the dark towards light.

Celebrate the change and enjoy the abundance and harvest of the next few months. Light a fire, burn a candle, and use midsummer herbs to give thanks and set intentions to see you through until the rebirth of light at the Winter Solstice.

Calendula, Lavender, Mugwort, Rosemary, Thyme, Meadowsweet, Verbena, St Johns Wort, Mint, Rose, and Elder are perfect for your midsummer incense, garlands and talismans.

Use essential oils such as lemon, sweet orange, tangerine and neroli to lift your spirit, and raise your vibrations with sandalwood, frankincense and rose. Add a few drops to a carrier oil and use this to anoint your pulse points or with some incense or a diffuser.

Be with your tribe, gather round the fire, celebrate what is plenty and release the negativity. Soak up the radiant and powerful sun energy and store it in your heart, where it will see you through the darker days, constantly reminding you that the Oak King is merely nestling deep in the earth, amongst the roots, and will soon begin his gentle green growth once more.


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