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Magickal Mugwort

The Mugwort plant, or Artemisia Vulgaris, is associated with Artemisia, the Greek goddess of the moon (whence it derives its name). It can, of course, be used fresh, but this common plant which flourishes along roadsides, on waste ground and generally anywhere neglected, is wonderful when dried as it has a soft, fluffy texture, making it a tactile pleasure to work with.

Strongly connected with psychic awareness and known for its strong protective qualities, this herb is a must for your collection as it can be used in many ways. In times past, it was used in brewing to keep the beer fresh, to spice up bland food, and wreaths were worn to keep away evil spirits. The great Thor was reputed to wear a belt of Mugwort as protection.

Mugwort has antibacterial and calming qualities. It makes a bitter tasting tea, and can ease the way with prophetic and lucid dreams, astral travel, and scrying. Just add one teaspoon to one cup of boiling water, to which can be added honey or lemon, and this same tea can be used as a 'wipe' for your scrying mirror or crystal ball. You can also sprinkle some Mugwort around the base of your crystal ball and mirror.

Mugwort is associated with the Element earth, so is a good base herb to add to a huge variety of spells. Tie a small bundle up and hang near your front door to prevent evil entering, or if you're trying to cultivate astral travel, hang the Mugwort near your bed head. Make a little sachet or charm bag, and include a peace inducing herb such as rose or lavender, then tuck it under your pillow to encourage lucid and prophetic dreams.

Incense made with Mugwort as one of its ingredients can be burnt as a divinatory aid, and is an exceptionally powerful way to purify your space. Before white sage was available in the UK, Mugwort was the herb commonly used as a smudge. It can be added to a smudge stick, with some white sage, to make a strong, protective cleanser.

Wear it for your Midsummer rites and not only will it banish the negative, but will draw in luck and prosperity.

Mugwort is available in my Enchanted Magpie shop here.

Warning - Mugwort contains thujone, which is not suitable for use by pregnant or lactating women, nor is it suitable for children or animals. Do not use Mugwort excessively, and if you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor before ingesting. Also, if you suffer from allergies, you may experience a reaction to Mugwort's pollen - a skin test is advised.


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