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Glastonbury Tor from Beacon Hill Enchanted Magpie

About Us


In the Enchanted Magpie's nest you will find a whole host of supplies for your witchcraft, Wiccan and pagan ritual needs.


I sell a huge variety of food grade dried herbs, flowers, barks, seeds, berries, roots and salts, suitable for using in spells and rituals, making incense, crafts etc, my own smudging sprays in lots of gorgeous varieties for smokeless smudging, accessories for your altar, spell kits, baby witch kits, sabbat kits, and herb mixes. You can also buy my own Beginner's Guides as digital downloads.

My business is based near Glastonbury, a mystical and fabulous place, and I try to locally source as many of my herbs as possible.


Our plastic bottles are PET and completely recyclable, and the packaging in which we send out your items is all made from 100% recycled, biodegradable materials; please re-use the packaging or pass it on to someone else, and love your planet.

Enchanted Magpie
Misty Somerset Enchanted Magpie
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