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New Beginnings (Sandals and Socks)

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

'Yay! The clocks have gone back! It's getting dark earlier!' sung my 17 year old this morning. I wasn't feeling it. I like the light, the sun, the warmth...and my sandals. I still put my sandals on, even though it was rainy and grey out. 'Mum,' she said, 'cool look. Sandals with socks. Very you.'

Then she spent ten minutes extolling the virtues of darker days. They included spider webs encrusted with diamond raindrops; being able to snuggle up under throws with hot chocolate and listen to the rain on the window; walking the dog with torches and light up collars, whilst splashing through puddles and kicking leaves; getting the yule tree spruced up for solstice; baking stuff; drinking mulled wine and irish coffees; and wearing an array of hats.

So, I reminded myself too, of the reasons I welcome the change in time, the receding light, the dampening down of the earth, the flora and fauna. Because Winter Solstice brings the balance again, and heralds the awakening of the light and the abundance. And whilst waiting for that to begin, this is the time to refresh, clean, clear and be ready for your new beginning.

With that in mind, and still wearing my sandals and socks, I went off to my workroom and began a big clearout. It started as just clearing out a cupboard, but progressed slowly into a huge hauling out of everything, sorting through, and finding stuff , then working out better ways to store stuff by moving all the furniture around. It took all day, and there was one point where I found myself completely blocked in at the end of the room, surrounded by a piano and two large wardrobes. I panicked a bit because my phone was at the other end of the room, and everyone else was busy being loud elsewhere in the house, and then came up with the ingenious solution of writing a note and tucking it into the dog's collar, then sending him off like Lassie to get the attention of my partner, who would hopefully come and save me. But the dog was wholly uncooperative, and just lay snoozing in the kitchen purposefully. Eventually, I managed to free myself by moving everything a couple of millimetres at a time, and making enough space to climb over the piano.

Once I'd finished the job, and everything was pristine and the whole flow of the room was so much better, I realised how great I felt. The stuckness I'd been feeling for a few weeks had suddenly lifted, and my energy was renewed. I was reminded of all the things I love about walking in these months, when nature feels quiet and gentle and peaceful, sleeping and restoring itself, ready to go again.

My walk the following morning included the discovery of a waterfall that had appeared, due only to the heavy rain that cascaded down all night. I watched the cleansing water for a while and listened to its soothing rhythm.

So, if you're feeling low, uninspired, and generally a bit shit, maybe try clearing out a cupboard, or a drawer, or even your bag. You never know where it might lead, although hopefully not to being trapped by your own furniture.

Clear the obstacles, and think about all the stuff you want to let go, both physically and mentally, think about your intentions for the future, and get ready for your new beginning. Even if it involves wearing sandals with socks.


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