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This is a digital download of 28 Spells & Beginner's Guide to Spells (PDF).

After many requests, I've written a simple guide to starting out with spells and magick. This guide covers the basics of the tools you'll need and how to use them, plus contains 28 spells for love & attraction, protection, wealth & abundance, banishing, closure, and self-confidence.
The subjects covered are:
What you will need
Charging Objects
Setting your Intention
Charm Bags
Writing Intentions
Spell Bottles
Spell Bowls

The Moon
Herbs & their uses

Please note that this booklet is an amalgamation of my Beginner's Guide to Spells, plus all of the separate Spells downloads available to buy in my shop, together with an extra section on banishing if you buy this you won't need to buy any of the others that I sell as all of the information is collected together in this one document.

I've made this a very simple document in black and white, making it easy to print and affordable (doesn't use all your expensive colour cartridge!)
Perfect to add to your Book of Shadows.

Any problems or queries, please contact me and I will do everything possible to help.

28 Spells & Beginner's Guide to Spells Digital Download


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