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Choose from 70 herbs, barks, flowers, seeds, berries and salts. Each herb is supplied in a sealed 8.5 x 7.5cm resealable bag. Shipping is free when you spend over £7.50; orders under this will just cost you £1.50 in shipping.Weight of each herb will vary. For use in spells, rituals, charms, incense, teas, remedies etc.  

Each sachet is labelled with a brief description of the magical properties associated with the herb. I source as many of the herbs I use as possible from around Glastonbury.

Herbs to choose from:

Agrimony (Reversal, Healing)
Ashwagandha (Strength, Vitality)
Basil (Wealth; Protection, Love)
Bay Leaves (Wishcraft, Success, Healing)
Black Salt (Protection, Cleansing)
Bladderwrack (Protection, Money, Weather)
Burdock Root (Warding, Healing, Cleansing)
Chamomile (Confidence, Stress Relief, Prosperity)
Chicory Root (Clear Obstacles, Strength, Luck)
Chives (Protection, Abundance)
Cinnamon Bark (Prosperity, Healing, Love)
Cleavers (Commitment, Protection)
Cloves (Wealth, Love, Protection)
Coltsfoot (Tranquility, Love, Money)
Comfrey (Luck, Health)
Cramp Bark (Balance, Relaxation, Female Energy)
Cumin (Protection, Love)
Dandelion Leaf (Wishcraft, Positivity, Inspiration)
Dill Seeds (Wealth, Love, Protection)

Egg Shells (Protection, Cleansing)
Elecampane Root (Love, Scrying, Luck)
Eucalyptus (Health, Protection)
Eyebright (Psychic Connections)
Fennel Seeds (Vitality, Healing, Perspective)
Fenugreek Seed (Money, Focus, Grounding)
Ginger Root (Attraction, Accelerates Spells)
Hibiscus (Passion, Dreams, Joy)
Holy Thistle (Abundance, Protection)
Horseradish Root (Protection, Cleansing)
Horsetail (Strength, Fertility)
Hyssop (Consecration, Healing)
Juniper Berries (Cleansing, Divination)
Lavender (Peace, Love)
Lemon Balm (Love, Success, Stress Relief)
Lemon Peel (Joy, Love, Cleansing, Clarity)
Liquorice Root (Love, Passion, Fidelity)
Marigold Flowers (Confidence, Protection, Dreams)
Marjoram (Love, Wealth, Happiness)
Marshmallow Root (Divination, Spirituality, Fertility)
Meadowsweet (Love, Peace, Divination)
Milk Thistle Seeds (Healing, Hex Breaking)
Mint (Purification, Healing, Divination)
Motherwort (Peace, Love, Confidence)
Mugwort (Astral Travel, Lucid Dreams, Protection)
Mullein (Warding, Courage, Health)
Nettle (Protection, Love, Healing)
Oak Bark (Prosperity, Wisdom, Strength)
Olive Leaves (Peace, Healing, Protection)
Orange Peel (Luck, Vitality, Creativity)
Oregano (Joy, Luck, Love, Healing)
Parsley (Strength, Luck, Healing)
Passion Flowers (Peace, Love, Friendship)
Peppermint (Protection, Healing, Intuition)
Pink Salt (Self love, love, cleansing)
Raspberry Leaf (Love, Fertility, Protection)
Red Sandalwood Bark (Spirituality, Healing, Protection)
Rosemary (Protection, Love, Clarity)
Rose Petals (Love, Luck, Healing)
Rue (Protection, Divination)
Sage (Protection, Healing, wisdom)
Sorrel (Luck, Health)
Star Anise (Clarity, Protection, Luck)
Strawberry Leaves (Love, Luck, Healing)
Tansy (Spirit Work, Protection)
Thyme (Healing, Courage, Love, Divination)
Valerian Root (Healing, Protection)
Vervain (Love, Protection, Sleep)
White Willow Bark (Cleansing, Love, Intuition)
Wood Betony (Dispel Negativity, Protection)
Wormwood (Protection, Divination)
Yarrow (Courage, Friendship, Protection)

Choose from 73 Varieties 8.5 x 7.5cm sachets


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