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Choose from 5-60 little 30ml glass jars of herbs for use in spells, rituals, charms, incense etc. Jars measure approx 7.8cm high x 2.6cm diameter.

You can also choose to add my little booklet 'Beginner's Guide to Spells', which is a simple 30 page guide packed with information on what you need to get started with spells and magic.
68 herbs to choose from so either add a note to your order or message me with the herbs you require, or alternatively, I'm happy to make a selection for you; you can even tell me what sort of spells you need the herbs for and I'll choose the most appropriate. If I don't hear from you with your choices, I'll make a selection for you. 
Each herb is supplied in a glass jar with a cork lid. Please note that some of the herbs may not 'pour' out of the bottle due to their consistency, so I recommend either tweezers or a cocktail stick to scoop them out. Each jar is labelled with a brief description of the magical properties associated with the herb. I source as many of the herbs I use as possible from around Glastonbury.

Herbs to choose from:
Agrimony (Reversal, Healing)
Ashwagandha (Strength, Vitality)
Basil (Wealth; Protection, Love)
Bay Leaves (Wishcraft, Success, Healing)
Black Salt (Protection, Cleansing)
Bladderwrack (Protection, Money, Weather)
Burdock Root (Warding, Healing, Cleansing)
Chamomile (Confidence, Stress Relief, Prosperity)
Chicory Root (Clear Obstacles, Strength, Luck)
Chives (Protection, Abundance)
Cinnamon (Ground) (Prosperity, Healing, Love)
Cleavers (Commitment, Protection)
Cloves (Wealth, Love, Protection)
Coltsfoot (Tranquility, Love, Money)
Comfrey (Luck, Health)
Cramp Bark (Balance, Relaxation, Female Energy)
Cumin (Protection, Love)
Dandelion Leaf (Wishcraft, Positivity, Inspiration)
Dill Seeds (Wealth, Love, Protection)
Elecampane Root (Love, Scrying, Luck)
Eucalyptus (Health, Protection)
Eyebright (Psychic Connections)
Fennel Seeds (Vitality, Healing, Perspective)
Fenugreek Seed (Money, Focus, Grounding)
Ginger Root (Attraction, Accelerates Spells)
Goldenrod (Divination, Prosperity, Love)
Hibiscus (Passion, Dreams, Joy)
Holy Thistle (Abundance, Protection)
Horseradish Root (Protection, Cleansing)
Horsetail (Strength, Fertility)
Hyssop (Consecration, Healing)
Juniper Berries (Cleansing, Divination)
Lavender (Peace, Love)
Lemon Balm (Love, Success, Stress Relief)
Liquorice Root (Love, Passon, Fidelity)
Marigold Flowers (Confidence, Protection, Dreams)
Marjoram (Love, Wealth, Happiness)
Marshmallow Root (Divination, Spirituality, Fertility)
Meadowsweet (Love, Peace, Divination)
Milk Thistle Seeds (Healing, Hex Breaking)
Mint (Purification, Healing, Divination)
Motherwort (Peace, Love, Confidence)
Mugwort (Astral Travel, Lucid Dreams, Protection)
Mullein (Warding, Courage, Health)
Nettle (Protection, Love, Healing)
Oak Bark (Prosperity, Wisdom, Strength)
Olive Leaves (Peace, Healing, Protection)
Orange Peel (Luck, Vitality, Creativity)
Oregano (Joy, Luck, Love, Healing)
Parsley (Strength, Luck, Healing)
Passion Flowers (Peace, Love, Friendship)
Peppermint (Protection, Healing, Intuition)
Pink Salt (Self love, love, cleansing)
Raspberry Leaf (Love, Fertility, Protection)
Rosemary (Protection, Love, Clarity)
Rose Petals (Love, Luck, Healing)
Rue (Protection, Divination)
Sage (Protection, Healing, wisdom)
Sorrel (Luck, Health)
Strawberry Leaves (Love, Luck, Healing)
Tansy (Spirit Work, Protection)
Thyme (Healing, Courage, Love, Divination)
Valerian Root (Healing, Protection)
Vervain (Love, Protection, Sleep)
White Willow Bark (Cleansing, Love, Intuition)
Wood Betony (Dispel Negativity, Protection)
Wormwood (Protection, Divination)
Yarrow (Courage, Friendship, Protection)

Please have a browse through my shop, where you will find smudge sprays, kits, altar supplies and much more.

If this is a gift for someone, I am happy to add a handwritten note with your choice of message.
I would like to reassure my customers that all of my items are being handled using recommended hygiene practice and packed in a sterilised area. 
Please contact me with any queries or problems, as customer satisfaction is very important to me.

Disclaimer : Please note that I am required by law to state that these magical items are sold for entertainments purposes only. Magical items should not be used in place of medical advice.  Keep away from children or pets.  Do not ingest any of our items or take internally. I cannot be held responsible for any misuse of our items. Purchasers must be 18 years or above.

5-60 30ml Jars of Herbs/Barks/Berries Choose from 68 varieties


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